• James Adkins

DIY Mobile Home Projects

Updated: Jan 20

Now and days mobile homes are pretty customizable. You can even customize how you get your home delivered to you and your mobile home space rent you rented out. So people that are more inclined to build, attach or be creative with their mobile home this is the blog for you. Here today we are going to give you some do it yourself mobile home projects you can start your journey on or get inspiration for your next project.

The Front

There is a lot to do with the front porch of a mobile home. For the less advanced you can stick to just keeping a garden or adding raiking. You can add new technology to your front door like Ring or even just adding a custom doorbell. But if you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge you can think bigger and try redoing your whole front porch. This will be a bigger scale job and it will require a lot of planning and a lot of time but it is more than doable with the right team behind you. Just remember to check in with your mobile home property management companies like to make sure they approve your new additions.

Coloring Your Home

When you’re talking about DIY projects painting your home is the ultimate one. A house or mobile home painting project is something that could change the whole feel of your home and make it seem brand new. There are so many different types of colors and styles so you can let your imagination run free when it comes to what you want to see. Even when getting started there are many ways to learn and get the process moving. So if you’re looking for a big first project to get your DIY wheels turning painting is your best bet.

Wood Paneling

This is another alternative if you want a change of scenery if painting isn’t something you want to get involved in. Wood paneling would be a way for you to change the feel of your room or to match new furniture. It doesn’t necessarily have to be wood paneling for the change! You can put up new wallpaper and in some cases, people put up tile. If you’re worried about how you can get it done there are plenty of online resources and your local hardware store is always open to help you out.

Kitchen Revamp

This one is more on the expensive side but can make you never want to leave your mobile home. You can do a remodel of your kitchen which can range from a total one to a partial. This can be from the kitchen countertops, new appliances, add windows, and anything else you can think of. This will be more of an expensive DIY project because replacing a kitchen has multiple layers, but it's more than doable and has a great pay off.

Bathroom Upgrade

This is on par with remodeling a kitchen, but its a bathroom so a smaller budget and less time to completion. This is another project that can give your home a new sense of life on your way down the DIY path. A project like this again has multiple layers attached when it comes to installing accessories and painting the walls but well worth it.

When it comes to mobile estates remodels there are a million things you can do yourself to satisfy your DIY needs and make your mobile home feel more like home. You can even connect your mobile home’s septic tank and that counts as a project. Whether it will be changing lights in your house to make it feel warmer or it’s adding on a porch to the front to solidify your place in the world. DIY projects are never-ending so pick one and go for it.


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