• James Adkins

Mobile Home Park Business Plan

Whether you want to start your own cheap mobile home park or you want one like Crestmont Estates Brea you have to come with a plan. Specifically a business plan and today we are going to help you out with making one.

Executive summary. This is basically the overview page for your company and plan. It will tell everyone about what you plan to do, how you plan to do it, why it’ll work, and who is involved. This will be the first thing people will see and will either keep them involved or making their way out.

Business Objectives. This will outline what goals you are trying to hit. Try to include milestones and yearly points you want to get too. This will also reveal what percentage of the market you want to take and when and what amount of money you expect to receive.

Mission Statement. This will tell your audience what your company represents. What will guide you into the future and how you will do your business. You can also use this space to explain in what way you will be successful and maintain an impact on your community.

Keys to Success. This is a pretty obvious section. You will highlight how you will get the job done in a step by step fashion. This will be your chance to really define your timeline for when things should be in motion.

Guiding Principles. A deeper dive into your mission statement. This will breakdown more of how you will do business and become more successful. You will explain how you will hold up a high standard of business and what each employee should represent.

Services. This will explain everything you will be providing for your community. Provide land layout and how it will accommodate your tenants. Also include planned amenities and things that will draw people to your location. Then you will show how this will compare to competitors and how it will capitalize on the future.

Marketing. Explain your target market. This will detail who you are looking to have in your community. Breaking down how you will get them notified and coming to your community. It will show your expected growth through the years with this plan and your competitive edge. This will also cover your sales plan and your strategic alliances to get you above your competition.

Management. This is the portion where you breakdown your company and team structure. Who is in charge of what and where you are involved in it all. This is also where you expose your gaps in where you need extra management and help.

Projections. Lastly, this is where you will explain the cost. How much it will cost to start this up, how much people will need to be paid, how much you are predicted to make and how long it’ll take to be profitable.


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