• James Adkins

Moble Homes vs Modular Homes

If I were to bet I would say most people don’t know what a modular home is. By using context clues they could probably piece together what it could be, but not a for sure answer. Here today we are going to change all that. Today we are going to tell you the differences between a modular home and a mobile home so you can add to that list of random facts that you have.

Modular Home

When it comes to the main difference in the two types of homes you need to look at the permanence of it all. Modular homes are more of the long term choice when it comes to housing. The permanence of a modular home is compared to that of a standard built home, but not quite there yet. For another comparison to mobile homes, they are mainly built in factories where they are made to be transported anywhere. They are built in sections that are easily transportable on flatbed trucks than are fully assembled on site. When assembled on site they are put on a permanent foundation made specifically for that brand of housing. These houses are usually used in kick-starting housing developments because of their quick building time. So overall these types of “mobile homes” are bigger in size and have more amenities to offer like full bathrooms and full bedrooms and full kitchens. They also can be modified to have built-in features like fireplaces. Besides the building of the home being different modular homes are also under different regulations than mobile homes being presented more like a house and following a lot of the same regulations they are under.

Mobile Homes

A more updated name for them are manufactured homes, but they still are like the mobile homes that we all know. As stated before permanence is the biggest factor between the two. Mobile homes are not meant for the long run, but can still last when used as vacation housing or less frequent use. Like everyone can imagine mobile homes do have wheels but like modular homes can be raised and have the wheels removed to be treated as an actual home. Also like modular homes, they are being built in factories that make them easily transported out to where ever they need to be. Unlike their counterparts, the home is usually one unit that has the bare essentials of a home. They can be modified to have more mobile homes attached to make them double wide or triple wide. As I said earlier they can be modified to be made into a semi-permanent residence, but are held under special regulations that require someone to come out and make sure the home is able to be qualified. As you can probably tell these aren't used to help kick start your normal neighborhood community, but they are used to make mobile home communities. They have very little attachment ability so built-in items like fireplaces aren’t possible, but some of these homes are known to have porches.

These homes may be under the same category when people are talking, but have a difference in their ability to travel. With mobile homes, they still are able to have the freedom of relocation. Just attach some wheels back on to your unit and go where you please, but modular homes are not the same. They can be picked up and moved, but not with the same ease as a mobile home. They are a lower type of housing in a lot of people’s eyes but can be an economical choice and also sometimes a good investment.


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