• James Adkins

Pros and Cons: Mobile Home vs. Houses

Finding a place to live is always a tough choice. People always have a million different preferences to where they want to rest their heads at night and that's understandable because you need to be comfortable where you rest. So that means comfort comes in many forms, but luckily so does the type of home you can have. So today we are going to be talking about mobile homes and the pros and cons they have to their counterpart of a traditional home.


The first advantage of a mobile home is that, well, their mobile. You don’t have to be in one specific space or another. You can stay on the move and go where your wandering heart desires. There are such things as modular homes, which is an offshoot of a mobile home, but are just made cheaply and are not movable. You can buy land in a different state and just pack up and move keeping all locations possible for you to live. With these “lite” versions of homes, they are ultimately cheaper than your standard apartment. They cost a fraction of the price of a house and give you the same feel as your typical home. The best part about mobile homes these days is that they are built in a controlled environment. This allows every home being made to a high standard of reliability and consistency. Lastly, they can have the same neighborhood amenities as many standard homes. Depending on what mobile home community you want to stay many areas have parks, public libraries, and open to the public areas. Mobile homes give you so many choices of where you want to reside while also making it easy to get up and move if you’re ready for a change.


Now the cons of the mobile home may be pretty glaring. The first is, it’s not your typical home. You can’t build on to your mobile home area like you can with your standard home. This limits the ability to have a lot of standard outside amenities like an in-ground pool, trampolines, gardens, awnings, etc. Those are more of the obvious things not provided when living in a mobile home, but a major con against mobile homes is that they depreciate extremely quick when compared to your stand home. Standard homes, depending on where you live and what you add to it, can appreciate the buying price. Mobile homes are also not as sturdy as your standard built home. For the ease of moving a lot of things had to be taken away from the basic frame of the mobile home. This causes those homes to deteriorate faster making their longevity a fraction of what a standard home is. Because of this mobile homes will be subject to change after a set period of time, unlike homes that can stay around for multiple decades. Mobile homes are also known as personal property, not real estate property so this will impact it’s selling potential.

Most people are aware of these differences in the two separate types of living so these aren’t too much of a surprise. The main thing I want people to get from this article is that mobile homes are more than just a cheaper option. They are also good for the people that want to stay on the move. People that want to travel the world and have a roof over their head as they do it. A standard home is great, but it is stationary and made for the people who can afford that type of settling down. There are many more pros and cons, but this gives a basic idea of how the two are different and why you would choose one and not the other.


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